Origin Story

Lostboy Comics

Comic books and Super heroes have been such a huge part of my life because they create heartfelt joy. sometimes there is no better feeling than opening a package of a freshly graded comic book and staring at the gorgeous art that immediately takes your mind on a wonderful adventure. from flying through the air to saving the day, your story has only just begun. i hope that you will allow me to share my joy with all of you.

What Makes LBC Different

I will not compare myself to other companies out there.

What I will say is that when you shop with LBC you are in the best hands in the industry

Your are guaranteed to get the best customer service because I myself am a collector and I treat all of you like I want to be treated

You never have to worry that you will be taken advantage off.

I will ship your beautiful books bomb proof with style!

I take joy in being the fastest out there in getting your books to you!

I try very hard to get you guys the books we all love at the best prices.

- Charlie, President of Lostboy Comics